Speaking Engagements

Experience dynamic and informative veterinary ophthalmology continuing education with Dr. Kristin Fischer of OphthoVet Consulting.

Speaking Engagements on Veterinary Ophthalmology

I offer engaging and informative speaking engagements on veterinary ophthalmology, available in both in-person and virtual formats. These speaking engagements serve as an opportunity for me to share my expertise, advancements, and insights with veterinary professionals, students, and organizations. With my passion for advancing veterinary ophthalmology, I aim to inspire and empower attendees with valuable knowledge and practical applications.

    • Are you interested in having me speak to your staff about performing ophthalmic diagnostic tests properly in your clinic? I can provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure accurate and efficient testing procedures.
    • Do you or your staff need education on managing specific ocular conditions? I can deliver informative sessions to enhance your knowledge and skills in effectively addressing various eye-related issues.
    • If you are planning a conference or event and would like to include an ophthalmologist on your speaker list, I would be honored to contribute. I can provide engaging presentations on various topics within veterinary ophthalmology.

    I am passionate about teaching and sharing my expertise in ophthalmology. Reach out to me at info@ophthovetconsulting.com with your specific requests, and together we can create a customized plan for a successful speaking engagement.

    Our Services

    Dr. Fischer of OphthoVet Consulting offers a range of specialized services to meet your specific needs in veterinary ophthalmology. Email consults provide a convenient platform for seeking professional advice and tailored recommendations for your ophthalmic cases. If you require more direct and immediate support, 15-minute phone consults allow for personalized discussions to address your concerns efficiently. Additionally, Dr. Fischer provides engaging speaking opportunities that can be delivered either in-person or virtually, ensuring accessibility and knowledge-sharing opportunities for audiences in various settings. Trust OphthoVet Consulting to provide comprehensive solutions to your veterinary ophthalmology needs through our diverse range of services.