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Enhancing veterinary ophthalmology care through teleconsulting. Expert guidance for complex cases. Convenient, personalized solutions for confident treatment. Schedule a consult and elevate your practice today!

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Dr. Kristin Fischer of OphthoVet Consulting offers teleconsulting for your complicated ophthalmology cases to help you more confidently provide high-level care to your patients. Consults are designed to help you manage your specific challenging cases on a case-by-case level with a simple email or phone call.

Dr. Fischer wants you to feel empowered to handle cases by educating you on how to perform diagnostic testing and the successful management of medical and surgical ophthalmology cases when referral is not an option for your clients. Consults can be scheduled online, and there are email and phone options based on your preference. You will receive a written report within 24 hours of your consultation. 

You will be able to upload photos, medical records, pertinent medical history information, and clinical examination findings prior to the consult, so your consultation will consist of a timely discussion of the diagnosis and management of your case. We are all so busy, so Dr. Fischer wants to efficiently help you with your cases without wasting any of your valuable time!

Consultation Options

E-mail Consultations: $100.00

I provide e-mail consultation on a case-by-case basis. You can upload photos, records, and diagnostic findings. I will provide a detailed report with my recommendations on treatment and follow-up for your patient. You will receive a response in 12-24 hours, and your consultation fee includes an additional 24 hours (from the receipt of my report) of communication via e-mail about your case.

Phone Consultations: $100.00

I provide phone consultations on a case-by-case basis. You can schedule a time for a phone consultation and upload photos, medical records, and other pertinent information for your case. We will connect by phone at your scheduled time to discuss your case in detail. Your consult fee includes 24 hours of additional communication (e-mail or phone) if needed after the consult to address any additional questions that may arise.

Recheck Consultations: $25.00

I would love to help you continue to manage the cases we have discussed. Once the initial consultation has been closed, a repeat or recheck consultation can be scheduled via e-mail or phone to discuss your patient’s continued care.


I will provide you with case support and direction with the goal of achieving an accurate diagnosis for your patients and direction for continued appropriate care. I recommend that the cost of consultation be passed on to your clients. They will benefit from my involvement in their pet’s case management, and my collaboration with you will also be valuable.

Phone and E-mail Consultations: $100.00

Recheck Consultations (for previously discussed cases): $25.00

Payment Options

At OphthoVet Consulting, Dr. Fischer prioritizes convenience and security for her clients, which is why Stripe is the preferred payment option. With Stripe, you can rest assured that your payments for teleconsulting services are handled seamlessly and securely. By partnering with Stripe, Dr. Fischer aims to provide you with a smooth and trustworthy payment experience, so you can focus on receiving the expert ophthalmology care your patients deserve.

Speaking Engagements

  • Would you like me to speak to your staff about how to perform ophthalmic diagnostic tests properly in your clinic?
  • Would you like me to educate you or your staff on how to manage specific ocular conditions?
  • Are you planning a conference, and would you like to include an ophthalmologist on your speaker list?

I would love to teach you about ophthalmology!  Reach out with your request, and we will come up with a plan.