OphthoVet Consulting FAQs


Get answers to your teleconsulting inquiries with OphthoVet Consulting, covering primary case responsibility,
teleconsultation, consultation fees, and more.

Who has primary case responsibility?

The primary case responsibility remains with the primary veterinarian treating the case. Dr. Fischer provides teleconsulting services only.

What is teleconsultation?

The AVMA defines teleconsulting as primary veterinarians using telehealth tools to communicate with a veterinary specialist or other qualified expert to gain insights and advice on the care of a patient.

What should I charge my client for this consult?

We intend for you to pass the cost of the teleconsultation on to your client.  You may charge them a flat fee required for the consultation or adjust the price to account for your time.  Dr. Fischer believes teleconsulting adds value to your patient’s care but that your time is also valuable, and you should account for your time.

What is included in the e-mail consultation cost?

You will receive an e-mail summary with a suspected diagnosis as well as tailored diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up/recheck recommendations within 12-24 hours of your consult request. You will also have an additional 24 hours to communicate with Dr. Fischer about your case before the consult is closed. Additional follow-up consults about a previously discussed case will have a similar setup with a reduced consultation fee.

What is included in the phone consultation cost?

You will be able to schedule a phone consult with Dr. Fischer. She will call you at the scheduled time at the number you provide. She will review the information you provide at the time of scheduling before the phone consult occurs to provide the most efficient use of the consultation time. Questions may arise after that conversation, and therefore you will be able to contact her via email regarding that same case for 24 hours after the phone consult before the consultation is closed. Additional follow-up consults about a previously discussed case will have a similar setup (phone or Email options) with a reduced consultation fee.

What sort of information should I provide Dr. Fischer prior to the consultation?

There are many pieces of the puzzle that help us diagnose ocular disease. You can upload photos and medical records prior to your consultation.

A thorough baseline eye exam includes evaluation of light reflexes (direct and consensual pupillary light reflexes, dazzle reflex), menace response evaluation, Schirmer tear test (STT), fluorescein stain, tonometry, and clinical evaluation of the adnexa, anterior and posterior segments. 

Additionally, history pertaining to clinical symptoms and presenting complaints, other relevant medical history, as well as travel history is beneficial in achieving an accurate diagnosis. 

Questions to ask your clients include:

  • Have you noticed any squinting?
  • Is there any ocular discharge? If so, what does it look like (tearing, mucoid, purulent)?
  • Has there been any change in vision? If so, what specifically are you noticing (i.e., not catching treats, bumping into walls/objects, falling in the pool or off the bed)? 
  • Does your pet have a travel history? If so, to where and when?
  • Does your pet have any other underlying endocrine disorder, history of neoplasia, or other medical history?
  • Does your pet have any other concurrent systemic symptoms such as weight loss, cough, diarrhea, lethargy, or anorexia?
  • How long have the symptoms been present?
How do I take a good photo of an eye on a smartphone for Dr. Fischer to evaluate?
  1. Open your photography application and choose the macro setting if possible
  2. Do not use a flash
  3. Zoom in to include just the eye and adnexa
  4. Tap the phone screen to focus on the center of the eye
  5. Shine a focused light beam from the side to illuminate the eye
  6. Take several photos

I like the Camera+ App for iPhone.  It has a macro setting and a flashlight function that provides illumination.  It has a slide bar along the side for zooming easily.